Downhill Mountain Bikes - George reports

Alan, David and George decided to go to the Downhill Mountain Bike Races on the Brendon Hills in Somerset. Cue rain, rain and more rain. Why is it every time f8 goes out on a photography trip, the elements conspire to make it awkward? We used to say that the difficult conditions provide the best pictures, but now we say the only pictures are taken in difficult decisions. Definitely a venue to return to, but unfortunately the event is an annual one, so we must mark the date in the diaries. George thought the participants were crazy, and he has done some crazy motorsport in the past. There were numerous crashes, but amazingly everyone seemed to walk away and the bikes survived undamaged.

downhill racer-1673

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WCPF MPIX successes

Following on from the whole group’s success in the WCPF Inter-Club Competition, it was a nice surprise to find we had a number of individual acceptances and awards in the 2013 Member’s Exhibition - including a Silver medal for Pauline. That’s one higher than Alan’s Bronze medal in last year’s competition. Which one of us is going to scoop a Gold medal next year? Here are the results:

Alan - 4 acceptances - 1 award


David - 4 acceptances - 1 award


George - 6 acceptances - 1 award


Pauline - 5 acceptances - 3 awards