Ending the year on a high

As 2013 came to a close, the competitive f8ers totted up their points from the past 12 month’s BPE exhibitions. All 4 went up a notch - Pauline scored enough acceptances to gain her BPE2 Crown, Alan and David went up to BPE3, and George - who had been a BPE5 for some years - had finally gained enough Medal winning images to gain his Associateship (ABPE). Well done all - here’s hoping for more to come in 2014.

Published a second time

Alan’s “Wren with feather” image - originally published in BBC Wildlife magazine - was chosen by the picture editor to appear in Discover Wildlife, a new special edition magazine from the same publisher.

Alan Discover Wildlife

Successful PAGB Awards for 3 members

This year saw George, Alan and Pauline submit images for adjudication in the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit. Images can be entered as either prints or DPI and each can score a maximum of 30 points from a panel of 6 judges awarding up to 5 points each. To achieve a pass you need to score 66% of the maximum points, or greater.

All 3 of us entered the PDI category. George went straight for the DPAGB and his adjudication took place in November at Weymouth. For a DPAGB 15 images are submitted, making for a maximum possible score of 450, with a pass being 300 or more. George scored 355. Alan and Pauline couldn’t attend the adjudication at Weymouth so we agreed to have our entries judged at a closed session in Dumfries a week later. Both entered 10 images each for a CPAGB award - maximum possible score of 300; 200 required to pass. Alan’s entry scored 233 and Pauline’s entry scored 219. So we all passed comfortably.

The first 3 rows of images below are George’s entry. Alan’s 10 images make up rows 4 and 5 below, and Pauline’s rows 6 and 7.

Onwards and upwards!