Air Tattoo, Fairford 2013

Yesterday, Nick and George went to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford in Gloucestershire. The day didn’t start well. Having arrived before the gates opened, needing a 5.30 a.m. start, there was still a long queue. At the gate there were about 10 channels to choose, so we got in one. Eventually we realised that it was going slower than all the others. Normally, there is a bag search, but in this line there was the only baggage x-ray machine in Gloucestershire. Why?- who knows?

We got to Nick’s favourite spot and discovered the organisers had put public address wires right across where we should have been photographing the air displays! Then we seemed to have chosen the only cloudy day in a heat wave!

However, the rest of the day was awesome. Military jets, Red Arrows, Apache Helicopter, new transport planes were all strutting their stuff. For the Italian displays we had an Italian commentator who was reading his script and got all the intonation wrong with the emphasis on all the wrong words – priceless.

After seeing an incredible display by the Red Arrows there was an aerobatic display by a Swiss team. The commentator said they didn’t do anything dangerous. The display fitted the Swiss stereotype of precision and boredom!

It was a great day with memorable sights and some good images. Thanks to Nick for doing all the organisation and driving.

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