Hungarian Spring Birds

David and Alan spent a week in the Hortobagy region of Hungary on a photographic holiday in May. We were there with Natures Images to photograph the spectacular birdlife. Lots of early morning starts (up at 4.30am) and lengthy days in a hide (12 hours or more) were very tiring. But the photography more than made up for it. Most days were “full on”: we had a day photographing European Rollers and Red-footed Falcons mating, a day at a woodland reflection pool with different birds arriving all the time to bathe or drink, a day in hide in a reed bed that looked out over a pond where the highlight species was the Pygmy Cormorant but we were also treated to two unexpected visitors (a Marsh Harrier which came and perched on a tree stump in the middle of the pond in the early morning, and a coypu which enjoyed munching its way through the lilies). And there were so many more species that made this a truly excellent trip. Below are some images to show the variety of species we had the opportunity to photograph. If you follow either David or Alan on Facebook you will have already seen other images from the trip.

hungary group