Lightroom lesson

All 5 of the members have different workflows - some work, some don’t, and some could be improved. So we decided to invite Marko Nurminen to come and show us his workflow and give us a more in-depth view of Lightroom - from storing and importing images to processing and exporting finished files.

Marko works for some top professionals, editing and retouching their images, so his workflow has to be both efficient and speedy. As dedicated photographers, the f8 members would rather be out with our cameras than sat at a computer, so we were all keen to see how we could speed up our workflow and keep our work organised.

We all brought in a selection of RAW images for the day, and Marko loaded these into Lightroom with a view to going through each one and asking what we wanted to achieve with the end result. There was a varied selection: some high ISO images to see how noise reduction was handled by Lightroom 4; some images with exposure problems to see how far Lightroom could be pushed to bring out detail; and many general images that just required basic processing (levels/curves, sharpening, cropping etc).

We all learnt a great deal, and the speed with which a finished result could be achieved, without resorting to Photoshop, was enlightening. For those trickier images, Marko showed us how he would do basic processing in Lightroom and then take the image into Photoshop for further work. Marko has created many of his own presets for Lightroom, and Actions for Photoshop, to speed his workflow - he says if he has to spend more than 10 minutes on an image the photographer should reshoot!

An excellent day: we all came away with copious notes and Marko’s presets and actions to get us going. Many thanks Marko.

You can see examples of Marko’s processing skills on his website: