Dance Studio – by Nick

Last weekend David arranged a studio day, primarily for the f8 group, based at a new studio in Devon, although a couple of us could not make it and a mutual friend, Graeme Darling also attended on the day.

We had two very different models for the day, Joy Clarke a classically trained ballet dancer/model, and Jerome Wilkes a modern/contemporary dancer.

The studio had recently been converted from an old farm barn and equipped with a large 30ft infinity curve as a backdrop. David set up two large Bowens 500w lights with soft boxes at either side of the ‘stage’ and we took it in turns to shoot the dancers both handheld and with a tripod.

Both models were amazing to watch and photograph, as well as shooting some classical ballet poses we were able to capture some high jumps and street dancing in a variety of styles and costumes. This really pushed us out of our comfort zones and we all came away with some super shots – all very different !

Many thanks to David for organising a very different type of shoot, and of course to the two dancers Joy and Jerome who were very patient with us and must have been totally shattered at the end of the day!