Kite Sports

Here’s what David and Alan have been doing recently. Not actually “doing” you understand - photographing others doing it.


David gets published!

Congratulations David for having your shot of a Puffin in the rain (see blog post “September already” below) printed in the November issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Anyone wanting to see it in print will have to buy a copy (current issue shown right).

It’s not the first time David has had his images published - but it’s a first for f8 and something which the others members should strive to repeat.

Perhaps we should submit images as a group for publication, to all sorts of magazines?

Zapcats and Jet Skis

The end of September saw the Zapcat Championship finale at Fistral Beach, Newquay. And joining them in the intervals between races were the boys from the Freestyle National Tour - jet ski tricks aplenty! All 5 members of f8 were there for the finals on Saturday. Here are a few images, starting with George and the “f8 salute”.






Video clips of Gannets

David shot some video during our trip to the Bass Rock. Here are a couple of short clips: one, shot on his Nikon D3S, gives you an idea of the cacophony of sound surrounding us on the rock, and the other is filmed from the boat with a GoPro cam to show the Gannets diving for fish being thrown overboard from the fishing boat we were on.

Bass Rock

We were very fortunate to be able to spend some time on the Bass Rock during our Northumberland trip. The Bass Rock is situated just a mile or two off the coast from Dunbar, in the outer part of the Firth of Forth, and is home to some 150,000 Gannets, making it the largest single rock gannetry in the world.

The weather had been unkind to visitors - with many trips to the rock being cancelled - in fact, we were the only party to have landed in 5 weeks. Constant rain had washed mud and rocks down the rock, making it tricky for visitors and not pleasant for the birds either (many of whom had nests and chicks washed away). But the sun came out for us and we were rewarded with a spectacular day. The 3 hours or so we had on the rock went all too quickly - so I can see another trip being arranged in the future!

Here are a few of Alan’s images from the day.